About Us

Deltafiia is a driven by professionals with an educational background in agriculture. 
Our job is providing farmers with all the resources that are required right from sowing to harvesting, guiding and educating them with proper agricultural knowledge so that our farmers can produce the finest quality of farm produce.
We are then involved in packaging, marketing and branding of their farm produce and making them available at local, national and international marketplaces.
By using various innovative technologies, we aim at reducing farmers production cost and also increasing productivity and quality of the produce, which makes sure that they get way better returns.
Our products include high-quality fresh vegetables and fruits, prominent crops and processed green-groceries. We operate at retail, wholesale and export level.
Along with the regular farm-produce, we also make available home-made products and eatables that come from individuals or Mahila Bachat Gat or Farmer’s Producer Companies, at our platform and make it available at national and international markets.
By ensuring farmers financial progress along with customers satisfaction for the value they pay by always serving them with excellent quality products, we are blessed and happy to be serving you all now and hopefully forever.


Deltafiia envisions itself to develop as a platform, where a farmer has solutions to all his questions right from production to marketing. And at the same time, we provide our customers with the finest quality farm products, thus giving them 100% value for money. Deltafiia will be a bridge between farmers and customers from all around the globe.


By making efficient use of technology, reliable management, improved productivity, value addition process and by combining our experience with the ones of farmers, we are working for the betterment and progress of our farmers. Also by connecting them with the entire nation and the world, by making their excellent quality farm produces available at all markets, we are providing them with a way to make better profits.